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Thanks for everyone saying "good luck I hope it turn s out to be simple", because basically is was.

One of my spark plugs worked it's way out and did some damage in the area. Oleg, replaced the plug coil and put some kind of double threaded tap in there so a new plug would fit back in nicely. It's runs fine now. I will change the oil and monitor things just to be safe.

I can remember when I changed the plugs last that one didn't want to thread in smoothly. I can't remember if I used a torque wrench or not. But, I can always remember trying to be careful not to over tighten them so I didn't break one off in there. I do remember using the blue anti-seize on the threads. Oleg says some of the other plugs were loose and that the crush washers were not crushed down properly. I will be sure to use a torque wrench next time. Whew! I'm back in action.
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