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Personally, I have gone the route of stiffer torsion bars and cranking them up a bit. I put about 1" crank into both my truck and 4Runner.

The 4Runner has Downey HD torsion bars with an ARB bumper and MileMarker 12,000 winch on front. I also run ultra-low bumpstops on it. I think the road ride is as good or better than it was when I bought it. I wouldn't go back to the stock bars, nor would I turn them back to the stock height.

The truck has Rancho bars with a home made bumper and 8274 winch. It also has the ultra low bumpstops. The road ride is about as good as it was stock. I do think the Downey bars ride a little better than the Rancho's. Again, I wouldn't take it back to factory ride height though.
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