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Originally Posted by Hulk
I know, I know, and it is the shiznit, I recognize and give you proper respects, but I'm just not ready to drill the tailgate.

Hmmm. I really like the way your spare tire sits lower. Mine is way up in da air. It is impeding my rear visibility in a most unpleasant way.
As my dad said, "never worry about who's behind you" Anything that happens back there will be their fault, so screw 'em"

Anyway, use cristo's bracket on the tire, or I can mount you one. Let me know. In all seriousness, about the high tire, it will flex the bumper/mount more, but they are SO much better on the trail that way. Red_Chilli and I have been runnng them that way for years, and you never have to worry about whacking it on a butt stand. (be quiet kevin). Besides, that's what those little blindspot mirrors are for on your side mirrors.

I will be doing some work tonight if you want to stop by.

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