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Default CB Radios and 4x4 CB Kits

I'm the manager for Right Channel Radios, a CB radio and antenna shop based out of Utah. We get lots of questions as to what radios and antennas work best for 4x4 vehicles. As a result, we've assembled a number of complete off-road CB radio kits.

Our kits include components selected specifically with off-road vehicles in mind. The radios are rugged and compact, so they can fit easily into smaller vehicle cabs. The bundled antenna is a Wilson Flex CB antenna which is extremely durable, flexible, and capable of taking some serious abuse. The mounting hardware is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and the coax is quality high-grade cable. Each kit even includes a SWR meter so you can adjust your antenna for peak performance.

We currently offer two kits, each built around a unique radio:

Uniden 510 CB Radio 4x4 Kit - $99

Cobra 75 4x4 CB Radio Kit - $159

We also carry a large selection of products from many respected manufacturers within the industry:

Cobra CB Radios -
Wilson CB Antennas -
Firestik CB Antenna -
K40 CB Antennas -

We always offer fast same-day shipping, a 120% satisfaction guarantee and friendly phone support. If you have questions about these kits, or any other CB radio issues, just give us a call at (866) 756-0334 and we'll be happy to help!


Andrew Youderian
Sales Manager
Right Channel Radios
(866) 756-0334
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