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Default So you wanna use E85, do ya?

My son sent me this from his shop:

1. Some motorists using E85 even though vehicle not equipped to handle ethanol

2. They may feel E85 is more environmentally friendly than gasoline

3. Experts worry this trend could lead to fires, especially at repair shops

Significant Points

1. Different extinguishers needed to fight ethanol fires

2. Ethanol can eat up o-rings, gaskets, which can then leak fuel

3. Repair shops urged to conduct close inspections

4. Even Coast Guard working on ways to contain ethanol spills

5. E85 mixes w/ water, so shops can't always be sure it's diluted


"You're going to have a lot of car fires in shops because of this." -- Bob Lorenz, firefighting consultant, College of DuPage

"I sat across from a station here in Topeka that was selling E-85 and watched people; you would not believe the older cars that are filling up with it. I think we are going to start to see some of these older cars having fires." -- unnamed Kansas firefighter

"We did some testing and found that when we diluted E-85 by 500 percent with water it still burned. So now you will have shops that wash out tanks, wash out spills and wash them down the drain. Even heavily diluted E-85 is flammable and even explosive in the right environment. So when you spill one gallon of E-85 and wash it down with five gallons of water you've created six gallons of flammable liquid." -- Todd Hoffman, executive director, Scene of Accident

"An ABC fire extinguisher will put the fire out, but these dry chemical extinguishers do not stop vapors from being released -- so there is a greater chance of the fire re-igniting when the vapors reach an ignition source or hot metal. E-85 has a wider flammability range than gasoline and a lower ignition temperature; it will ignite faster and catch fire in a wider range of concentrations in the air." -- Hoffman
Toyotas are not rated for E85. Igniting and burning down on the road is not on my list of must-dos.
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