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Gosh, it never occurred to me about the flammability. Indy cars used to run on it (I assume they still do) and there are alcohol NHRA cars. I remember seeing drivers jumping around for no apparent reason. It was that he was on fire! Stuff is volatile. Wonder how fire fighters deal with it in traffic accidents and what-not. The thing about diluting it with water, that's a probably with gasoline, too. It can sit on top of the water and burn, right? I know you are most definitely not supposed to throw water on a kitchen grease fire for the same reason, the oil and grease don't dilute, just spreads the flame out over more surface area, turning a pan fire into a house fire! Reminds me of the time that some idiot dumped gasoline into the sewer in the neighborhood a summer or two ago, had Denver Fire knocking on doors for blocks and having them dump buckets of water into their basement floor drains to keep from getting gasoline in the trap as they flushed the sewers.
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