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The kids and I had a good time. Thanks for leading Romer. Romer’s very through as a leader. I took half the group over Radical Hill and over Glacier Ridge and down Saint Johns. We also hit I70 traffic and took the service road down from Georgetown to Idaho Springs which saved some time. Got home about 5:30. The kids wore me out, and they were beat. But the wife had a wonderful day off was so everyone was happy. Not bad - might have to do that again.

We had an incident with some motorcycles going off road to pass us on glacier ridge on the timberline. The first guy flew around us on the side of the road but not too bad I guess. Then Shorty radios us from the rear asking me to tell them to stay on the trail. Evidentially they went way off the road to pass them. So I told the first guy who was waiting for them to stay on the road. He looked at my with a blank and puzzled look. Then the other two guys come up and I tell them to stay of the trail. Same response. Then he does a large burn out and tries to spray my truck with rocks. I yell back at him as he is leaving and the last guy stops and seems quite puzzled in what to do. They have full helmets on and no plates so they is no way to identify them unless I tracked them down at their truck.

We had similar issues with atv’s and bikes passing us earlier also. We would wait for a spot to pull off a little so there was enough room for them to pass us on the road then they would just scream around us on the timberline or off-trail instead of slowly squeezing by. I’m not sure, but I have to conclude that for the most part they are ignorant as to the importance of staying on the trail and don’t really understand. Perhaps they will if more people continue to speak up on the trail to let them know.
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