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Default Wheeler Lake trip

The day started of nice enough, some sun and about 85. I could not make the rally so I started my way up 285 around 2:15. about 20 minutes into the trip the clouds turned gray and a bit of rain started to fall. This was only the beginning, the doors went on the the top was snapped down.

We all met up at Montgomery Reservoir where we aired down. Dan, Bill and Corbet were already there waiting for me. When we started up the trail the skies were still gray but no rain anymore. The trail was still wet from the rain before and large puddles had formed. Most of the obstacles were easy enough to drive over and or take a little gander at except for the V notch.

Dan was the first to go up the notch with Bills guidance, as you can see by the pictures he did a beautifully wheel stand, even had to hold on to his grab bar. Next it was my turn and I decided to start on the left side and then go down the middle section and back up the right side of the V notch. Not the brightest of things to do but it was fun.

Some folks in a Rubicon had stopped and were watching us, they were thoroughly entertained. Once I got straitened out I came out of the notch with a nice wheel stand too. I hope Dan and Corbet have some shots of me.

Next Bill went up the notch but after several tries had to back down and go up the middle, traction was hard to come by with the wet ground. Corbet took the same line and came up like a pro.

A little later Corbet had to stop and repair his exhaust, not having a lift he was dragging some big rocks. Later on Corbet would find a ledge to rest his suspension on. A little tug from Dan and we were on our way. BTW the tow strap was a virgin.

We made it up to the lake right around 6:30 and the rain was right on our tails. Dan and Bill knew it and parked their rigs next to each to erect a shelter. Corbet brought one too so within minutes we had two rain shelter, a porty potty, and Dan's fajitas of the motor. We also had some wood, sure slowed my 22RE down on the hills. Corbet had the fire going in no time, let the fun begin. We talked around the fire as the rain allowed and enjoyed some adult beverages. Corbet had to leave early in the morning so we called it a night around 11:30 or so.

The next morning Corbet was ready and gone before I finished my first Pepsi, he had an open house to hold. We had some breakfast and took the poles to the lake, Bill was the only lucky one but I still enjoyed it all.

We made our way down the hill where we ran into a group of guys trying to make it up the Notch. There was a J**p stuck on the top of the notch with no where to go. Out came Bill's Virgin winch and out came the J**p.

We aired up again at Montgomery res. and went our ways down the hill. Rain followed me all the way till Morrison so the soft top stayed on. All in all it was a great trip, camera battery died half way through so only day one pics. Hopefully Dan and Corbet will post some up here too.

We did have some things come up but that is for the Members only forum.
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