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What a wonderful day!

As noted above, Ricardo decided to park his LX470 and ride shotgun with me. That was way cool; he's learning about his 71 FJ40 and one of the ways was by riding with me in my 71. On the way down the trail, I helped his learning experience by showing him how NOT to come down off a rock too fast ;-)

New tail light is ordered in from Stevinson today :-)

Bill and Athena Innis wheeled their very nicely built FJC, along with their wonderful kids (Crumb Pilots) William Andalucia and Stirling. Bill's an excellent driver, and has already attended Cruise Moab, the Rally, this run and they are looking forward to joining Rising Sun at our next meeting.

Athena explained that all of their modifications are from trail damage - when something breaks, it gets upgraded. Good philosophy!

The wildflowers near the lake were absolutely astounding. The light misty rain kept the heat down, yet the views were still spectacular. We all got wet boots and shoes on our hike, but Athena showed that she was the smart one by wearing sandals. And I have never, ever seen purple pine cones before. Amazing!
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