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Default 350 EFI Choices?

OK, so I'm tired of my 40's carb starving when I'm making steep climbs. It's been a safety factor that keeps me from getting too steep , but it's conking out at too low of an angle. I already have off-road needles in the carb.

I'm thinking of making the leap to EFI. Anyone have recommendations as to
1) type (tuned port vs. throttle body)
2) type of intake manifold
3) manufacturer
4) etc.?

The engine is a 350 GM crate engine--circa 1985 design. It's the plain jane, low-end one--I didn't want too many horses under the hood.

I've been told to get an EFI setup from a salvage yard. If so, anyone know which vehicle to look for?

I'm just now getting into this EFI thing, so I don't know alot about it yet. I know that you guys have the answers, though.

Mark Chaney
78 Chevota with a few tweaks
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