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I did this exact same thing with my carb'd 350. Mine had an RV cam but basically your stock 4bolt main.


I got the GM fuel injection setup off of a 90 Caprice Cop car. I took everything I could. Manifold, TB, injectors, full wire harness, distributor, all sensors, ECU

I got all the info from they are down today...
there is a fuel injection forum with a FAQ and everything u need to know.

It wasn't hard at all. You'll need a new fuel pump. external for TBI. I used a Master 2182 from autozone. You'll need a return line into your tank.

You'll need a VSS, vecicle speed sensor as it won't run 100% right without it.

It ran great. I got rid of the taurus fan as it messed with my electronics. Switched to clutched fan and it worked great!.

It moved that cruiser along awesomely with 4.10's and 37's. Started instantly and ran very smooth.
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