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Originally Posted by TOTONKA View Post
TRUE, but 700 billion of our nations wealth is being transfered to other countries that are laughing to the bank.

So, we needed to do something
Temporary solution for a permanent problem. Why is it that we've created an 'alternative' fuel that still uses oil? I'll bite when we have a truly alternative fuel, like hydrogen. That also brings me to another point. Oil crises my hind quarters. It is just a way to raise the prices, if there was really a fuel crisis we would be working on COMPLETELU OIL FREE fuels...

The biggest problem with changing fuel sources is getting the infrastructure to sustain that fuel, and getting everyone to buy new cars that use the fuel source. Everyone who drives is supposed to ditch their car, with no reimbursement, and buy a new one? Or if the government tried a reimbursement program, that means higher taxes and more national debt...

It's a losing battle right now.

I will get off my soap box now.
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