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Default starting to collect parts for PS conv.

I definitely want to do PS in the '77 FJ40...and for my uses, mods, etc...I think the mini-setup is the ticket. (32" tires, small lift, etc.)

can someone let me know if this is a good start for the stuff I'll need? I've been reading Romer's thread on the install on his 40...I think this is a good start.


Mini-truck PS parts


I have all of the power steering parts from an '87 pickup w/22RE engine. Includes pump w/pulley, reservoir, little cooler thingy that goes in front of the radiator, and the 3 hoses. Doesn't include the steering box and the hoses that go to it. All boxed up and ready to ship, weight is ~15lbs from 03079 if you want to estimate shipping costs, I'll send it out FedEx Ground.

$30 + shipping.
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