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A few thoughts on minitruck PS....

I've done three minitruck PS conversions, and mounted the pumps in a custom way (I've never had a drilled block). You can make a custom stud for a water pump bolt, use the shock tower, and use the air pump mounts to mount the pump. I've always used minitruck pumps with remote reservoirs, and they have enough pressure to turn 33" tires. Study an FJ60 power steering/alt. belt routing - I did one FJ40 this way (using the alternator as the adjuster) and it works very nicely and is clean. The Toyota belt rides a bit high in the narrower minitruck pulley, but it's not been an issue.

You can make your own steering box mount, or buy one from JT Outfitters or CCoT ($$). You can either use a 'cruiser pitman arm or use the one already stuck to (literally) the minitruck PS box. (You may find it nearly impossible to remove). Most minitruck PS boxes have 200K miles on them, and are a bit loose - so you might check them for slop and play before you install them. I've adjusted a few (very slightly) to remove play in the system. Be sure all your tie rod ends, etc. are tight on your FJ steering setup.

What I most like about the minitruck box and pump is that you get a fairly slow response and not too much boost. If you want a quick turning wheel and '2 finger' steering, then you'll be happier with Saginaw.

I bought a prefab piece of brake line, cut the ferrules off, bent it into a series of loops, and used this as a homemade PS cooler. Works great and is stout. Recall that minitruck setups have a factory PS cooler that doesn't fit very well into an FJ40. I'm not sure they're entirely necessary, but I used it anyway.

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