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Default Rebuild starter myself or have someone else do it?

I'm in the middle of my carb rebiuld on my 60 and find out from my wife that the 80 is having trouble starting sometimes. Based on the occasional issues and clicking with no turnover, I suspect the solenoids need replacing. I've done some checking on 'Mud and it seems that is the most likely case at least.

With that in mind, I think I could tackle this, but I have a queue of car repairs to do, so I am on the fence about taking it to someone to rebuild and just be done with it since I am already trying to get the 60 back in action.

Where can I source solenoid parts for the OEM starter locally? Would the dealer carry those or should I just get them from CDan?

Are any reputable places in the Centennial/South Denver area that you folks might recommend?


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