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If I can do it you can do it

Get the # off your starter to insure you get the right parts (2 different starters on 80s out there apparently) when you call/go in and get them.

As for the starter itself, I wrestled with trying to get the front bolt off and then hit MUD where I found a thread that stated you CAN get a 1/2" impact wrench up in there. It is a tight fit but sure enough, one will fit - Makes getting the bolts (front and rear) off and back on super easy. I removed my starter when I was replacing the PHH as it makes a huge difference in the amount of space you have to get to the PHH. I would do the PHH at the same time if you can and assuming you haven't replaced the PHH yet.

Basically for the starter you take off the DS tire, remove a couple of the "skirts", remove the two bolts, do the rebuild paying attention to how everything goes, and then put the starter back in. IIRC it took me less than an hour to actually rebuild the starter (I'm pretty slow) and maybe about 1/2 that to remove and reinstall the starter (once I enlisted the aid of the air gun). Add some time for lifting the rig, taking the tire off, etc.

Per the FSM you are supposed to put like 300lbs of pressure (or some insane # like that) on the contacts when you are replacing them to insure they sit flat and stay in place. I used the suggestion I found in the MUD thread which is to use a piece of wood and put all of your weight on the wood and push down on the contacts while tightening the bolts. It has been 4 months and no issues so I guess it worked.

BEFORE you go through all this though you may want to first insure the cables to the starter are on there tight just for kicks and grins - Might be that simple of an issue as Radar found out.
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