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Originally Posted by ColoradoLC View Post
Good point about the PHH. I should take care of that too. If I ask for a PHH at the local dealer over on Broadway, will they look at me funny? Does it have an official name besides Pesky Heater Hose?
I'm sure it has an official name (lower heater hose maybe?) but I don't know what it is off the top of my head. If you are talking about Burt over on Broadway then I bet Joe probably knows about it or can find it for you with no problem.

Many folks (like me) have gone with this kit -->

The kit is more expensive but worth it IMO knowing you should NEVER have to replace it again . Many people just source the stuff in the kit locally at a NAPA etc. At current gas prices though it is getting cheaper to shop from home than drive all over the place collecting parts for me...I have another kit that I plan to use on the 's 80 someday that if you get in a bind you're welcome to use and just replace with another kit when it arrives.

Anyway, there are a ton of threads on MUD about replacing the PHH, what people have found to work well, what to avoid (like the knock sensor), etc. I warn you though that if you throw the PHH in with the starter rebuild plan on a full day just in case unless of course the stars and moons all align for you on that particular day . - I would also encourage you to read as many of the threads as you can stand and print out any that have good tips.

I did mine PHH replacement during a full coolant hose replacement, coolant flush, starter rebuild, etc. marathon session. If you don't have a full day, possibly two, to let the 80 sit while you work on it then I would just eyeball the PHH when you do the starter rebuild. It may be fine. I had planned to replace mine regardless just for piece of mind. Honestly the old one looked to be in good shape (had ~105K miles or so on it) other than the dremel marks and pieces pulled off getting it out. I believe it was the original PHH as it had the sardine clamp and the compression clamp orientation could ONLY have been put on that way with the engine out of the rig . I drained my coolant as I planned to flush my system and put in all new coolant so I don't know if you can replace the PHH with minimal leakage or not .

Replacing the PHH isn't a technical challenge, more of a physical one. There is very little room to work and just getting the old hose off and the new hose on can be difficult (pick up some lube to aid in getting the new hose on ). There are items that you can loosen/remove that make the job easier (like the hard down pipe, AT dipstick tube, etc) but even those can be a pain to loosen/remove without the right tools (I could only get to the lower bolt on the hard pipe for instance), etc. Most people, like I did, end up cutting the old hose off with a dremel and cut off wheel. I found that you can pound the center pin of the sardine clamp out (assuming the PHH is original) to aid in getting that one off. Depending on the orientation of the compression clamp you may have to cut that one off (like I did) if you can't get a pair of pliers in there. Plan to cuss quite often, get frustrated often, take breaks, etc. which only adds to the total time.

Many consider replacing the PHH a right of passage to 80 ownership. If I were you unless you PLAN to do it anyway, I would just eyeball it and see what it looks like. Pulling the starter a second time is cake compared to replacing the PHH and some people replace the PHH without removing the starter (so I've read) although that must make it even more of a PITA.

Good luck
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