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Damn Jeff, you are bound and determined to give me more work to do aren't ya?

I really like the Samco hoses and plan to replace my Passat hoses with them when they wear out, but they just keep going and going.

I'd like to get the PHH done with the started this week, so I ordered one and we'll see if I can get it done by Sunday, when a buddy with a bitchin Scrambler (*yep a Jeep*) and I are going up to Chinns Lake with the kiddos to play.

Sounds like I need to pick which vehicle I want to take: the 60 (and get the carb rebuilt) or the 80 ( and rebuild the starter and replace the PHH). Wish the Passat was lifted, but it's lowered...heheh.

Thanks once more for all of the helpful info!
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