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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
As Bill mentioned, there's a high likelihood it's simply worn contacts. I had that problem with the starter in the 1HZ in my HZJ75. Replacing them was super-easy, R&Ring the starter itself was more work than replacing the contacts. The contacts themselves were free - Deon (no longer there) at Mountain States Toyota just gave me a pair of every Toyota starter solenoid contact he had. I found a pair that were close, a little grinding with the Dremmel and presto-voila they fit perfect.
Thanks Jeff, I'll pick up a set of those from Burt Toyota tomorrow too. Even if they are okay this time around, I'm sure I'll need to replace them eventually anyway.

I'm in the middle of checking on the starter part # now. It's great getting to know a new (to me) vehicle. I like it already.

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