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Default engine diagnosis pointers

Well through the help of a very generous Mendocino, I am purchasing a 94 80 series cruiser..

It has engine trouble.. The owner is NOT mechanically inclined. He took it to a mechanic and was told valves 5/6 are not functioning properly. He was told to give up and buy something else.

Jeff, went and looked at it. No coolant in the oil that he could tell. no obvious leaks. Starts/runs. Sounds like 5/6 not functioning...

What are the difference between leakdown testing/compression testing? What does each diagnose? What can be told from the results?

Is there any other things that I should try before ripping the head off?

This is the fellows description

1994 Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 All Wheel Drive 180k miles. Moon roof, power everything, BFG all terrain tires. Engine needs work, transmission fine. Dings, scrapes but no major damage..

I am trying to set this up for my wife's 1.5 mile commute so, maybe a few thousand miles a year, the work situation has changed and I will need the occasional 4wd to get to work in Buena Vista... so I get to take her FJ...

Ideally I could use the cruiser to tow my 77 Early Bronco on a trailer... but don't have too high hopes..

Anything else I should be looking at before removing the heads?

Thanks in advance!

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