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General sympton is lack of power. I have not even seen it in person yet. Jeff (aka Mendocino) went and looked at it for me. For the price, I was willing to role the dice. Based on what Jeff said, I am going to guess that valves 5/6 are not sealing/functioning. Everyone has suggested head gasket, but Jeff did not see any evidence of that. I spoke with the folks at Safari Unlimited in Grand Junction (I have been working over in Grand Junction). They were very skeptical of a valve just sticking.

I spent some time googling... A compression check is used to see where the cylinders are in relation to each other. What pressures should I be seeing on a 180k motor? If I understand correctly, if the readings are withing 10% of each, I have a worn out motor. If 1 or 2 cylinders are low, I have a valve train problem.

I don't own a compression pressure guage, yet... But do most of them allow using them as a leakdown tool also? From my searching, a leakdown would narrow it down to either a ring problem or valve, depending on where I heard escaping. For example, air out the exhaust = exhaust valve....

I am going to have it towed to my house this weekend and was just wondering... Should I go and buy a pressure guage, or just bite the bullet and take the head off immediatly to take a looksie.
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