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I cold started the engine, the choke worked fine and came to a proper low speed idle when it wormed up. There was a clear roughness, but no smoke from the tail pipe. I then listened to the engine with a diagnostic stethoscope and could hear a difference in the mechanical function of the head over cylinder 5. I did not hear anything "evil" from the bottom end at any of the cylinders. After I shut the thing off I pulled the dipstick and could see that the oil had been changed. I smelled it and it just smelled like it had 160K on it (the dipstick overall), nothing I noticed was particularly bad; no coolant for example.

This was not an exhaustive evaluation. If I had to guess I would say that it had bad cam lobes (flat) over 5 and/or 6. I'm not Toyota expert, but that would be my guess.
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