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An update: I obtained another set of control arms with stock bushings from Irbis Offroad and pulled the current arms with blue bushings. I got the pinion pointed back up to where I have a .5* u-joint operating angle and the vehicle drives very well with just the 4" drop brackets (I will get a caster reading next week).

I also exchanged the bad Taco shaft for one that has even bigger u-joints adjacent to the cardan pivot ball. The bearing caps don't have the external snap rings, and they look much bigger than the previous shaft. Since the junk yard wouldn't give me a refund, I dropped this shaft off at the driveline shop and the owner said it was the perfect one.

Now I will have 2 shafts made and will sell one of them in the future. One will be brand new with Spicer 1310 joints and thick-walled tubing, and the other will be the re-tubed and shortened Taco unit with thick-walled tube.

I will find out on Tuesday how well everything drives.

Another benefit is that I can sell my old lift complete with arms that have caster bushings already installed for the buyer's convienience.

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