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thanks Ige... what's a grote?

the stock replacement flasher is EP25. The upgraded one is EP36. According to Rick,
Our stock unit is a 3 prong ISO configuration however it is not compatable with the heavy duty 3 prong flasher commonly available. The reason is that our configuration is a B-battery, E-Ground and L-load configuration and the heavy duty is a X-battery, P-pilot (panel) and L-Load configuration. Plugging in the heavy duty flasher will result in shorting the 12v line to ground and blowing the fuse.

So the obvious upgrade is to a 2 pin ISO flasher which is X- 12v and L- Load. However the wiring at the socket is 180 deg out from that of the heavy duty flasher. So you'll need to swap the E- Gropund wire with that of the B- 12v one.
I'm pretty sure I did that, swap the wire around, but I could easily undo that if so and there are pictures in the thread. So do you think my best course of action is revert the wiring back to stock, swap in all LED's, then get one of those grote 44890 jobbies?
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