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WHAT a day.

So I leave the house around 7:00am to get to the trailhead by 9:30am. At the fort, I run into Neil who's trying to load his pig on somones trailer. I stop to say hi, and end up helping with a bent trailer hinge pin. Back on the road, I meet up with lexus ben and Hans on 285. Ben then decides to show off his horsepower and leaves me in the dust.

Get to the trail head after getting 9mpg! and fill up. Tail gun the trail and spot when needed. When through the first entry chutes with no problem, only to make a of myself on whale rock.

Then Romer moves my truck and I felt like because I couldn't find it. After we get going with me in the front of the last group, my dog decides to go visit Uncle Ben at the end of the group, and we had to wait for his butt (skyler's) to catch up.

Then we get to the big hill and nathanial does his best dana 30 imitation and busts a rear axle. Did I mention that it's now 5pm? I head down to bridge the radio gap between the mid and rear group only to loose contact with the end group after we find out that it's a broken axle.

Head down the hill, hatfield runs for an axle in salida, and Dan and I make and solicit food for everyone so I don't have to give up my last sammich! Dan and I cook the chimis, and hatfield shows up with the axle.

Time is now around 8:30pm!

Uncle Ben, Ige and Nathaniel come down (leaving the 3 legged 60 on the hill) to find , hot chimis, and a axle waiting on them. They go back up the hill, (oh, did I mention that it has now snowed twice?) and proceed to fix the 60.

Axle goes in at around 10:30pm, and Kevin hits at around 11:45. I fall asleep in the tent, only to be woke up by my whimpering dog, as he is shivering like crazy, and wants in my sleeping bag. Back to the truck to get him warm and catch some more z's. Kevin and I hit buena vista around 8am to get MASSIVE breakfast burritos, and head out. I stop to air up at the truckstop and have to laugh as the sign flashes "welcome rising sun 4 wheel drive club".

So I head back 285, only to see the guy that was hauling spidey and his own rigs trailer on the side of the road. WTH?

It's 11:00am the sunday now.. Will this run EVER end?

So I pull over to see that they had a FLAT on the trailer. Help out what likttle I could, as he was almost done. Said they had left the trailer and went home in the Ram, and come back this morning.

I hit denver at 12:30pm....
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