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Originally Posted by Hants View Post
In a few months, an IR video will tell you exactly where the heat is escaping... You want a big temperature differential to really show it.

Did they put a blower in your door to see how much/where you're leaking?

I still don't see how new, high-efficiency windows would cause your bill to go up??? Did you see them installed? Were they using ample foam sealant? Do you feel (hot) drafts near any windows?
They've done that test twice now...The first one showed serious leaks from crappy sealing of the windows so they came back out and re-sealed all of the windows. The second test post window resealing showed no leaks. They even sent me a copy of all of the IR pictures they took.

I was here the entire time they installed the windows but I didn't follow them around all day . Maybe I should have. They are at a loss why our energy usage thus bill has gone up, especially now after having resealed the windows...I don't even compare the actual $$ factor, just the usage.
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