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Thanks to all that showed up to this event. It is fun to see so many trucks on the trail at the same time. I do know that many did get to drive a new FJ, but many did not. Hopefully we(the fj team) will see the many that did not get drive the FJ at some event soon(moab, ghost town run, easter j**p safari, rubicon). Thanks Scott for leading the event and putting up with the FJ crew on the trail. You guys rock. I did have lots of fun driving the FJ and giving others the chance to drive this brand new truck on a hard trail.
I am sorry that Grocho broke a axle, and other did some minor body damage. We all learned stuff on the trail to take away with us. For me is that the crusier community is fun, interesting and giving. I am privilaged to be part of this community. Thanks much Robbie
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