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It was a great trip! It was a huge group, and a little slow at times. Everyone kept a good attitude throughout. The FJ's were a hit, and seemed quite capable (even if I never saw the silver one, and only saw the blue one a couple times). Pretty impressive seeing them (near-stock) running along with rest of the built-out rigs.

Bummer about Nathaniel's axle, though. I'm glad he made it out OK (after a cold night on the mountain). It was good to see that everyone in the rear group made sure the rescue was all set up (parts, delivery, mechanical assistance, food, water, cold weather gear, rigs & drivers hanging with him to help, rigs & drivers hanging at trail-end to relay parts, etc.) before leaving the scene/trail.

I can now vouch for Slee's transfer case skidplate -- It WILL support the entire weight of an 80

I'm not sure I could get it back on, though, if I remove it ! !

I cleaned a little of the powder coat off both virgin bumpers, and some more off the sliders, too.

At this rate, I'll have a Beater Edition by the end of the year

And the kids had a great time... grinning ear-to-ear in the morning with non-stop stores all through breakfast -- they're hooked for sure!

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