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Envirotest is a sore point for most...Anytime the government pours money into a single business, even if it was the right one, and mandates they are the only place you can go... you can forget about expecting integrity, honor, customer service, ethics, logic, reason, etc. Monopolies have no incentive to treat you right because you are forced to do business with them. I would fight it if I wasn't in the minority. I have heard plenty of people tell me they got rid of a car because the check engine light was on and Envirotest told them to pound sand. The only loop hole is the gross polluter tag you can apply for after you can prove you dumped hundreds into trying to turn the light off. The system is broken. My advice to you Matt is to see if you can fit a 315 up the shop manager's a**. No reason to be a pessimist, that would be downright funny.

On a side note while you are there, rip down every sign and pamphlet you see that is only written in Spanish.

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