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then it was our turn. bill tried the hard line and with some finagling and a lot of help managed to get through.
steve took the "easy (hah!)" and got sideways, then was wedged between two very large boulders, but with a few rigs hooked together to match his almost warpig weight and ub pulling one of the boulders, he was soon out of there.

we soon learned the boulder ub winched out of the way was actually one of the winch points at one time (look on the bottom). when we found it, it was upside down. the other winch point was about 100 yards down the trail and by gawd, if that boulder wasn't bound and determined to make life difficult for us. if it made the back part of the obstacle better, it made the first part worse. here, it was right in ub's way, so while avoiding it, he couldn't avoid boulder no. 2
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