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finally we made it to the city and cleveland rock. only tim, ub and the redline guys with their warpig were going to attempt this. while everyone was playing on cleveland rock...the little sprinkles started and by the time we'd hiked back down the trail, it turned into a hard rain.

remember that little treeroot. remember what wood is like when it's wet. well, it turned into "creep down and DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES". that's a hard thing to do since instinct is to try to stop when you start to slide. and we weren't sliding down...we were sliding sideways towards the edge of the cliff there was soo much pucker factor that ub was stopped for quite a bit before the final drop telling tim that he really didn't like the way this felt. if ub doesn't like it...there's pucker factor!

we soon made it to the exit trail and just in time...the storm had blown into a full out thunder and lightning storm and that lightning was right on top of us!

some stayed...betcha had snow this morning , while some of us tried to haul butt home. "tried", because that storm was a full out downpour, heavy water on the roadway, can't see where you're going storm the whole way home...until evergreen. i got home to denver to not a lick of water

kick ass trip!!! thank you clc!
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