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It was an AWESOME run

Everyone did AMAZING, and I was totally impressed with everyone's driving/spotting. What a great group!!!

Matt's new bumper was incredible, both looking great, and taking a beating.

for the Cleveland rock summit. The man knows his stuff, cold.

Crash's truck gets more gorgeous every time I see it. And I know why it stay's nice even on the hard trails too, he certainly knows how to drive.

Ige and Dan were our other two 80 series and had no issues. Zipped by half the time before I could get down to watch them.

Bill, Tim and Neil, my Mini truck brethren, had a good showing, and have me jonesing for a soft top.

I love the Redline War Pig. Amazing engineering, and a great inspiration to a wannbe fabricator/mechanic like myself.

The guy in the red, that Ige mentioned, had a mini truck worth mentioning. It was a 4runner, bobbed, with a complete, 4.7 Iforce V8 swapped into it. The attention to detail was amazing, and it was one of the coolest swaps I've seen. Everything was custom, and it was NICE. Nothing ghetto fabbed, everything perfectly fit and fabbed. Had me drooling.

I have my work cut out for me now. Sliders, are on the top of the list as I broke/bent my driver slider. 1/8" isn't thick enough. Also going to be addressing my horrendous lack of clearance under the belly.

I don't need to tell you that the people, as always, made this trip the amazing time that it was. Thank you everyone, I had a blast!


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