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Hi Matt,

Yep I think this would be a great RS/family type run.

The trail is pretty well marked. All 3 of the camp sites we stayed at had restrooms, although I saw several more remote camp sites which in my opinion add to the expedition feel of a run like this..

The delores was only about 2-3 feet deep. Looked as though it had been recently graded for better crossing. In July a FJC group went through and had to go around, it was closer to 6 feet deep.

Maybe next fall we should plan a RS run? The 100 series looked like it only had about a 2 inch lift and did fine, touched down in the rose garden a bit, so could be a great run for many levels.

One funny thing that happened, karma always has a way of creeping up on you....A guy in red Jeep was stopped with his hood up on the way up to the Top of the world, apparently overheated and had a bright yellow bumper sticker that said "Toyota recovery vehicle"....So hear comes 12 Toyotas down the hill, all offering assistance to this misguided Texan.....Luckly the Toyota Trail Teams guys had the film rolling....
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