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Part two:

Thursday we all crawled out of our tents and were greeted to another day of foul weather :

We decided to hike down to the Colorado river. Perry knew some cool history for this area, so hopefully he'll add some more pics and details. The hike was tough, but we were rewarded with a swim in the river to cool off.

Colorado River:

We had a lazy day after that of napping, eating, a little more hiking and another great sunset.

We ran into a group of guys from the Hillbilly's 4x4 club out of Denver who ended up in the campsite next door. Funny to meet a fellow CO. 4x4 club way out there. We all hung out and shared a before calling it a night.

Friday we packed up and headed back through Teapot Canyon and up onto Robbers Roost. Daniel had to head out early to intercept some fam down at Hite marina. That's Kurts red Taco, Cody's jeep (we tried to convert him all week) and Perry out front.

View from the Flint Trail looking at the country we just covered:

It was a long day of driving and we decided to look for a campsite near Horseshoe Canyon. We wanted to hike the canyon Saturday. We found a great spot near the Canyon off an old 2 track on BLM land.

Kurt's rig at camp and Perry on lookout:

Saturday we hiked down into Horseshoe Canyon. The trail used to be a road, but it was closed when the area became part of Canyonlands. Still a great hiking trail with lots of pictographs and petroglyphs that were made by Archaic people thousands of years ago. We ran into a ranger at the bottom who we had coincidentally met a couple of times over the course of the week and she gave us a history lesson on the rock art. Very cool.

Horseshoe canyon:

After the long and arduous hike out of the canyon we were all decided that a swim in the Green River followed by beer and burgers at Ray's Tavern was in order. After chow we camped near Crystal geyser, had a few more and crashed before heading home Sunday morning. The geyser went off at about 2am, and then again at about 8am. Quite the show.

Crystal geyser:

It was a great trip. Not a lot of technical wheeling, but we covered almost 200 miles of dirt through some amazing scenery and learned some great history. Perfect weather, six nights camping, driving my 40 through the desert and hanging out with friends.


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