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Default Craigslist Search Utility

Craigslist Search

I put this on Mud earlier in the week and this seems like a good place to put it here.

When I was hunting for my recent purchase ('95 80) I grew weary of searching Craigslist in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft Collins, and Boulder for 'Land Cruiser' and 'LandCruiser' so I wrote a little web app. I've used it as have my neighbors and friends for 6 months now so I think it is pretty robust.

1) If you go to States you'll see a list of states. Pick one. I'll pick Colorado.

2) You'll see a list of the cities that you can list on Craigslist for that state. Check the ones you want to search.

3) If defaults to 'Car' but if you want to search furniture or something, be my guest.

4) I added a limit so it doesn't spit back 100 of them at you every time if you're searching for months like I did. It defaults to 10.

5) There are two Search String fields. I would enter 'Land Cruiser' and 'Landcruiser' in these and hit enter.

The app then issues all these string/city pairs and renders them back on one page. I also change the font and tell you how many it really finds on the header line.

Give it a try. BTW, I haven't tested many (maybe two) of the other fields of merchandise so if they don't work, lemme now in a pm and I'll fix it. Although is wearing out the 'furniture' and 'jewelery' categories. If there is a city that Craigs has added, I'll add it to the list too.

I'll leave it up as long as nobody gets annoyed that I'm making Craigs easier to use. I'll attach a screenshot of a local search and another of results with the default of 10.

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