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Default Late Argentine Clean Up Run

Suz, the dogs and I went up to the east side of Argentine Pass yesterday for the first time in our lives and wound up spending eight hours exploring trails. Day started out clear and sunny and ended in a snow storm - a perfect Colorado day! Went over to the east side of McClellan and Ganley Mtns which appear to get very little four wheel activity. Bikes and ATVs yes, four wheelers no. Call me crazy but it was spectacular until we hit the end of the trail and had to retrace our steps. Argentine was pretty clean with only a little trail cleanup required. Somebody had a runny nose and was throwing out used kleenexs every 1/4 mile or so on the way back down. Eww! A few cans but more glass juice bottles. ????? Both the Rising Sun and COHVCO signs were there and in good shape. Our reward for making the trip was a hawk, seen in the pics, that must have thought the 40th Anniversary's Sage paint was a friendly and camo color as it let us get within 20 feet of it and then proceeded to pose for over ten minutes of gawking and picture taking. It was so cool to be so close to such a beautiful and wild beast. Even the dogs were spellbound and appreciative of the opportunity to get so up close to one of Nature's finest creatures. Truly, a great day on a great trail. I'm glad that Rising Sun has assumed responsibility for maintenance on this trail and Suz and I are already looking forward to the next trip up there.
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