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The colors were simply awesome and we must go back in summer. The top and end of Argentine Trail is pretty rugged and it is obvious where the end of the trail is but the end of the trails at McClellan Mtn were something else altogether. The one picture of the 80 on narrow trail with snow on it is incapable of conveying the pucker factor experienced there. We were above 13,000' and the cross slope was intense making the track seem even narrower. That Sandy the 40th has lockers gave me the confidence to keep moving forward in the snow even though Suz opted to get out and walk. Hindsight says it was both unncessary risk taking and that it was very rewarding to have succeeded in traversing the trail. At three different trail endings, right on the ridge, there were chutes that seemed to go straight down and the trail leading to then was smooth and soft and seemed to invite the unwary to keep on going even though you couldn't see over the hood where the trail went. Even my Squeak-O-Meter went off at all three spots and we got out to check what turned out to be over the point of no return. In one of the pics, if you look very closely, you can see the remains of some poor soul's vehicle waaaay down at the bottom of the chute. These chutes wind up near the road that goes south out of Bakerville and we will be checking that trail out next summer. Probably not too many more days before this entire area is snowed in for the rest of the season. Suprisingly, we saw no big game wildlife. The evidence of mining activity in the area was astounding, however, and if you let your imagination go for a little bit, you could hear the sounds of mining industry and see and smell the smoke that accompanied it well over 100 years ago. Again, both Suzie and I were enthralled with the area and found it difficult to believe that, even though we each have lived in CO for over 35 years and lived so nearby in Summit Co., we haven't ventured to an area that is so close in to Denver. We hope to make up for that oversight in the near future.
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