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UB: so you rotated the angle by lengthening the upper control arms? That seems pretty painless, now that I've got Christo's threaded arms.. but I'm not sure I want/need to do that since I wheel like a and pick easy lines... so if I keep the upper control arms the same it sounds like I could raise the back up a tad more and not have any issues, agreed?

Mike: yes, just looking to get a little more in back pretty much all the time, with all my tools, jack, heavy Toyos, fridge, etc. it's a little lower than the front, then when I load up for a trip or hook up any trailer it's worse. I'd prefer a tiny bit higher in back, then go camping and it's level.

I am almost positive your 864's have a higher spring rate than the Slee 4's, in fact IIRC the soft to stiff continuum would be FOR's are softest, then OME J's, then OME comp's, then Slee 4's, then 864's, then a wooden 4x4. someone correct me if I'm wrong though
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