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Default 1999 4runner brakes

Hey gang,

I've got a friend who's repeatedly had problems with her brake rotors warping on her 1999 4Runner, and as a result her braking is quite poor. She even moved up to drilled and slotted rotors this last time around, and in less than a year they're warped again. Anyway, she knows nothing about cars and has asked me what I think. Toyota of Boulder has diagnosed the the problem and says she needs new brake rotors and pads in the front, but has given her a pretty expensive quote to get the job done right. I'm considering doing the job for her and ordering the parts from CDan to save her some money, but I'm unsure if the 4Runner has knock-off rotors or not. I know my 80 does not, and it's a more difficult job as a result. However, I know I can do knock-off rotors and new pads in short time, I'm just unsure if her 4Runner actually has knock-off rotors and if I can do the job myself. Can anybody fill me in on the difficulty of doing this job myself? Thanks in advance!

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