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I will post up when the problem is remedied, which will be when I find the time to tear into it. The newest problem is that the window was frozen this morning, and when she put the window down, it of course came off the tracks. So, now that it's cold and has been rainy and snowy, that's the top priority

In other news, the truck seems to be braking a lot better as a result of toyota cleaning up the front brakes when they did the initial inspection to quote her for the work. Definitely feels safer now, but the brakes aren't yet 100%. I'm pretty sure the rotors are ok as they're drilled and slotted, and are under a year old. I'm thinking Matt was spot on when he mentioned rebuilt calipers. I'm not sure if I'm up for that task or not considering my limited time, but whatever the fixes are, I'll be sure to post back up!
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