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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Do runners have LSPV's?
Yes and No. 3rd gens, depending on which ABS system you have, proportion the rear brakes through feed back from the ABS sensors. So there is proportioning but no valve, like on a Taco, that senses ride hight.

3rd gen front brakes are barely adequate. Let the rears get out of adj and the fronts take up the slack, warped rotors will soon follow.

If replacing the front with stock parts, make sure the rears are in adjustment, the adjuster is working and lubed and don't forget to use the parking brake (+ Auto tranny=no parking brake around our QTH )

The Tundra swap is no brainer easy. You just need to find the 199mm or "type A" calipers from a 1st gen Tundra that HAS NOT had the TSB swap done. J/Y,, or guys on Tundra Solutions, who did not qualify for the TSB and are looking to upgrade their calipers themselves are your best and cheapest sources.

Akebono (OEM supplier to Toyota USA) and Car Quest both have quality remans, expect to pay a bit more and eat the core charge.

Tundra 199mm calipers, Tundra rotors and Tundra TRD pads are the way to go. The caliper are the same in every way, 'cept the slot for the rotor, it's wider to allow for the 1/2" thicker rotor. The pistons are the same so the deltaV is the same and they will work with your existing master cylinder. The rotors are 1/2" thicker so the additional mass is a better sink and they will resist warping much better than the 'Runners. The pads are nearly identical (though not interchangeable) you have to compare them side by side to see that the Tundra's have a larger swept area.

All in all it's the best brake upgrade you can do on a 3rd gen. If you're going to pop for pads and rotors might as well go the extra mile and do it right.

Did mine over a year ago ad I haven't looked back.

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