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Default Toyota models

I have a Tamiya Mountaineer (toyota mini-truck) sans the Toyota body (very expensive these days, but I'll get one someday)

I have the stock birfs, but aluminum ones are available.
It has the 3 speed tranny which I fully ball bearinged. (Is that a word?)
I have 3:1 diffs in it instead of the stock 2:1s which is the coolest mod on it.
Aluminum wheels (but no beadlocks) sport the good looking Masher 2000 tires.
aluminum lower shock mounts.
nice cross over steering rods.
I have modded traxxas MAXX driveshafts that suck because the plastic parts can't take the Toyota/Tamiya torque. They do, however, look a lot better than the brass/steel u-joints.

Yeah, it is far from perfect, but it does work. It isn't something I spend any time on or anything, but it is kinda fun to drive (I have to hit the transmitter a lot with my hand and the range is terrible). Maybe, someday, it can be a realistic lookin' rock crawler model, but it will never compete with the incred-a-travel r/c crawlers out there. Betcha there are other Tamiya bruisers/moutaineers/hilux/blazers in the basements of risingsun club members.
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