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Originally Posted by mhdsummers
Well, things have changed.
I now have a MIG welder (Hobart 175 220V) and a desire to do this work on my own.
I plan on keeping my downpipe. It looks OK. I would like to replace everything from the downpipe back.
A couple of questions:
- Where can I get the piping I need?
- Can I MIG weld the pipe or is it too thin? My experience is obviously limited.

Thanks guys.
When I had a new tail pipe bent for my 1978 FJ45, I welded it directly to the stub that stuck out from the muffler, so yes, you can weld it with your MIG. I suggest cutting off your old flanges instead of welding the downpipe/midpipe and midpipe/muffler. That way you retain the bolt-together ability of the exhaust system. As I mentioned above, factory muffler with integral tailpipe is still available for inexpensive.

If I were you, I'd take my midpipe to a muffler shop and simply have them bend you up a new one just like it. Cut off the flanges and weld them to the new midpipe. Buy a new muffler/tailpipe and bolt it up. I did have to fab up some hangers both for my 76 and my 78, but that was pretty straightforward to copy the factory design. On the flanges, instead of high-heat paint I used zinc galvanizing paint. It's holding up quite nicely over a year later.

Click on the link in my sig line, then go to "tech tips" to see the exhaust project I did on my 78. The 76 exhaust should be somewhere in the later pages of the restoration series. Good luck and happy cruisin'!
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