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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
Awesome. That's FAT roots right there. SS.. hard to work with, expensive but lasts forever. I did hear that there were some problems with cracking and inherent problem with SS. You need more chrome and the carbon in spots can make it weak. It's really not the best material for a bike. Problem is he put all his eggs in one basket with the SS and when his supplier discontinued it he was done.
That's not quite the same story I heard. I got mine in 1998 and it cracked at the head tube in 1999 or 2000 time frame. I called Christian and phone line was turned off, no response to mail. He offered a lifetime warranty and I just wanted to have it fixed. No love. So I got in touch with Columbus out in L.A., the Metax tubeset was their product. The rep had spare tubes and hooked me up with James Bleakley of Black Sheep in Ft. Collins. He used to offer a Metax option on his bikes. I dunno if he still does, but if it's available he can source it. Anyway, the guy at Columbus got the replacement top tube to James and he fixed me up. Turns out that Christian had a mistake in the miter for the junction and the weld was half filler without enough mechanical support. It cracked at the weld. I dunno if George the welder left (he was a laid off aerospace welder, so I gotta think he was getting dirt building bikes comparatively). There was another guy, John. So at the end it could have been those two guys trying to keep up, I just don't know. None-the-less, I heard Rhygin took a big order, maybe production bikes, that he floated for materials. I guess the order canceled and he got left with no downpayment and a ton of material that he couldn't recover for any cash. Just gone. I'm riding a piece of history, that's for sure. There were only a couple of guys doing Metax frames.
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