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Default My new toy (portable air compressor)

I had been using a Master Flow compressor to air up my tires and after a year or so it died. I decided a while back that an engine driven compressor wasn't in my future and a PowerTank or CO2 system was out of the question (I can't even keep the propane tank full for my home BBQ full )

I looked at several high end 12v compressors like Viair and ExtremeAir but couldn't pull the trigger. I saw a post on MUD (TOOLS-R-US) about the Puma. I liked what I saw and order one.
Wow, what a nice compressor. It is large but really takes no more space then a large CO2 tank. It comes with very short power leads so I got an inexpensive set of 12' 10 AWG jumper cables then cut and hard wired them for power. It has adjustable output pressure with 150 psi max. It is rated at 3.4 gpm so it can even run light air tools and should make quick work of filling tires. I have only done one test but it took my 315s from 18 to 40 lbs in about 2 mins. Long term plan is to divorce the tank and pump then mount them in the truck.

Brand new with the cables and shipping I'm in it about $200. Yeah, I could buy a couple MasterFlows for that but it puts out a ton of air and it's still much less than the other high-end set-ups I checked.
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