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Default Red vs. Blue

Hey all, here's my situation.

The bronco has been wanting to spit out its driveshaft lately. The last work done to it was a clutch replacement a few thousand miles ago, and in the past few hundred miles i noticed a vibration in the drivetrain. Hop under the rig, and I'm able to spin the driveshaft bolts with my finger . I cinched everything back up, under the assumption that they had not been torqued by the guy that did the clutch. A couple hundred more miles, and I'm experiencing similar symptoms. Re-check everything, and sure enough, they were loose again. Now I'm at a crossroads. There are no locking washers, or any other hardware to keep it from happening again. I plan on contacting a tech from one of the dealers nearby to find out if it needs some locking hardware. In addition to the hardware, I plan on using some threadlock. The poll at the top is whether I should use the blue, or heavy duty red. The truck has ~121k, basically stock, it's been routinely maintained, but there could be a lift in its future. Obviously, I don't want to fuss with the driveshaft bolts again untiil then, so I'm leaning towards the red. When/if it gets lifted, is it really the end of the world to try and free those bolts? Is the blue adequate in the interim?

Rick Maestas

1997 T100 4x4
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