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Default Great info, but...

The antenna thing still baffles me. So many choices, so many mounts, so many different opinions. Since many of you have now had your setups for a couple years or more, can you sum up some of your experiences (good and bad).

I have at least a couple of options for the Tacoma:

- When I had my rear bumper built, I had Jed include an antenna tab on the drivers side for future use. I could mount something there.

- Front drivers side fender/hood mount. I currently have my radio antenna on the drivers side, and my CB antenna on the front ARB on the passenger side.

For reasons that others have concluded, a roof top mount would introduce some height issues. In the rear, my truck has a part-time can back, and a composite bed, so I don't have anything resembling a ground plane back there. So in my situation, is the driver front fender the best spot?
- Matt
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