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Default Bill Moore Lake 11/16

A beautiful day in the hills above Empire that ended way too soon. Dean was running 34x10.50 Swamper TSLs for the first time and was just getting used to the newfound traction and getting the air pressure dialed in when a motor mount decided to let go. Earlier, we had fallen in behind a mixed bag group of 10 or more trucks that wanted to stop every 1/4 mile or so and, being in the trees we couldn't get around them. Finally broke out of the trees towards the middle section of Bill Moore and were able to get around the once again stopped group. Dean had just successfully climbed a steep and snowy section, to his surprise I believe, when he noticed some bad vibrations from the drivetrain causing us to stop and let the large group by. The broken motor mount was quickly diagnosed and we headed back down towards Empire. We took our time and enjoyed lunch and everyone, dogs included, spent time exploring back down in the woods. The ladies found an old leanto frame that was sort of interesting - if trees could talk. The gate at Conqueror Mine was open so we explored around there for a bit too. We were surprised that there wasn't more snow but we didn't get all of the way to the top of the trail so perhaps there was more to be found higher up. We had fun and everyone made it back home safely and Dean has another project to add to his list.
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