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Originally Posted by nakman
Do my wear marks on the inside of the birf look pretty normal? Would it be a good idea to switch sides? I plan on upgrading to Longs in November when I regear, so this only needs to work well this summer, then as a spare.

Also, are those burm marks on the outside normal? That's from when they machined the bearing races, right? and not indication of really hot balls...

North siders, got lots of here if you're feeling wrestless come on up. Anyone have an extra snap ring for the inner axles (goes inside birf). Also anyone have an extra big seal, that one that goes against the dust shield? I'll be reusing both of those if not..

Last comment is I discovered some decent grooves on the OD of the spindle, where that seal rides. Anyone seen that before? The seal itself actually looks fine, so wtf?
The burn makes are from the heat treating process. The wear is normal. 80 circlips usually don't break when seperating the birfs so they don't need to be replaced. You can drive the new seal in a tad further than just flush or don't worry about it (if the seal didn't leak before you'll probably be OK) And please.....your "hot balls" are way more information than we need!
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