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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
estimate of the relative weights of a Hilux
My truck weighs about 4,400 lbs just me, otherwise stripped, no armor or WilderNest. That was based on a landscaping materials scale years ago. I'd used the truck to get a few loads of soil and Pavestones. As an aside, a 6' Hilux bed's worth of topsoil filled to just above the bed rails weighs about 1,000 lbs.

So as built and with a typical outfit I've estimated our kerb weight at 6,200 lbs roughly and that's been pretty close the couple of times I had a chance to get on a scale. That includes the ARB bull bar, sliders, Budbuilt plates, 'Nest, full complement of tools and gear, fridge, 10 gallons of water, camping equipment, two passengers and one fluffy dog.

I'd estimate Dean's 1980 on your weekend trip to be about 5,200 lbs.
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